Saturday, September 14, 2013

Slight Change of Plan... & A Giveaway!

Pssst...just sneaking by with a quick little note to let you know that although I've been very quiet lately, I have not disappeared! This week has been devoted to some quick gift stitching for a Very Special family event :) Hopefully some really intensive stitching this weekend will let me finish in time (eek!)! So wish me speedy fingers ;)

Thanks to everyone for your comments on my Chicken Scratch Heart!!! You'll be happy to hear that the Spirit of Spontaneous Stitching once again visited me for another attempt at Scratchin' - but with a new twist - so stay turned for that, LOL! Sorry I'm behind in all my e-mails and blog visits, thanks muchly for your patience :)

In the meantime, hop on over and enter the fabulous Giveaway that Mary Corbet (of Needle N' Thread) is hosting for your chance to win a place in Tanja Berlin's Purple Pansy Needlepainting Class! Designed for Beginners, you get everything you need to stitch along with the class, including the full kit and stretcher frames!

(Tanja is a Canadian needlework designer and specialty supplies retailer, and does very interesting work - she also has an awesome blackwork Lion - done in goldwork! - well worth seeing; it is also her Kit of the Month currently, and so is discounted a bit)

The Giveway ends on Monday, September 16th, 2013!

It already has over 500 entries, so hurry over for the full (but simple) entry rules so you can throw your name in the hat too :) Disclaimer: I haven't entered, because I just don't think that I have the patience for such delicate work (1 strand of thread!), but this is a fabulous opportunity for anyone who wants to learn a new technique.

Speaking of Pansies, here are some photos of the first bloom from the little seedling I planted this Spring, from waaay back at the beginning of the Summer:

I've been meaning to share these for some time; I planted a whole package of seeds and had riots of seedlings, but very sadly they all died off save for this one. It was so pathetic looking, but I stuck it in an old favourite mug of mine anyway (the glaze has worn off inside) and that poor little plant took root with a vengance! It's been putting forth wonderful blooms, five and six at a time, for the last few months!!!

It's been resting for the last few days after a particularly plentiful performance, but there's new little buds coming already :) The seed package was mixed "giant" species, in all kinds of colours - pink, orange, yellow - but I'm really pleased with the lovely classic colouration I got, with deep velvety royal purple shading to buttercream yellow at the edges (and every one has a slightly different pattern!):

I think they're even pretty from the back too :)

So wish me luck! Hopefully I'll be back to posting by mid-week, but if not, I'll see you next weekend :) Hope you have a great one, wherever you are and whatever you do!!


Karen said...

I saw the giveaway and already signed up for it. I'd love to try needlepainting and have been eyeing Tanja Berlin's site for awhile. I'm sure I'll be buying something from her eventually. All of the specialty stuff that she does is right up my ally. :)

Very pretty pansy by the way - Even from the back! :) Look forward to seeing your latest creation whenever it's done.

Stitching Noni said...

Thank you for the giveaway info
I love pansies... I have some coming up in the garden at the moment - all self seeding from pansy plants over the last few years :). Can't wait to see what colours come up this year!

Karen said...

Yours is one of the prettiest pansies I have seen, the colors are beautiful!

Melissa said...

The pansy is gorgeous!

Anne said...

What pretty pansies! I love how you planted them in a pretty cup too! Glad this one stuck it out and bloomed for you :D Hugs!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Aw, thank you all so much for your very kind comments about my Pansy :) I related them all, and she is very flattered - so much so that I had to put her in a bigger pot this morning, LOL ;)

Kaisievic said...

Beautiful pansy.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thanks so much Kaye!