Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Freebie: 🌷 Spring Floral Tile 🌷

Free .PDF at my Dropbox: Spring Floral Tile

Please Note: You may see a screen asking you to create a Dropbox account, but you do NOT need to create an account to view and save the file. Scroll down the pop-up sign-up box and click on "No thanks continue to view" just under the big blue Create Account button. If you have any problems downloading, please let me know - my e-mail is in my sidebar on the right, under the pretty postage stamps.

You might remember my last post about this project, my entry in DMC's Spring Florals Instagram Contest? The Contest closed in May, and after a lot of suspense, it turned out that I wasn't one of the five winners. To view the winners, visit @dmc_embroidery.

But I really enjoyed designing and stitching this cute little garden, and I thought you might like to stitch it too! So I'm sharing the pattern for free, for personal and charitable stitching (as usual, please don't sell the pattern itself, or items made from it).

If you look closely, there are several mini-motifs. The center square would make a lovely ornament, one of the corner flowers could be a nice scissors fob, and the line of tulips could be repeated along the edge of a dishtowel or pillowcase 😊

If you do stitch up your own Spring Floral Tile, or any variation of thereof, I would so very much love to see your work 💕 Please send me a picture, or a link to your photo! My e-mail is in the sidebar, and I'm @aureliaeglantine on Instagram 🌷

Hope you're having a lovely Summer! The flowers have been slow to bloom this year, so I am happy to have some cross-stitched ones to cheer me up 💐