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Last Addition: August 18th, 2013 / Last Update: August 18th, 2013

There are some wonderful online resources for needleworkers today! Whether you're a beginner or just want to learn new techniques, these are a collection of sites that may be beneficial to you. I hope to add new sites periodically, as I learn of them.

Please note that none of these sites require registration or membership!

All the patterns on the list are either .PDF (by far the most common format) or .JPEG image files; unless a special format has been used, file type is no longer noted.

If you do not have Adobe Reader (for .PDF files), you can download it for FREE.

A Note About List Organization:

There are Three Main Categories::
1. Cross-Stitch Resources;
2. Embroidery Resources; and
3. Fine Crochet (Thread) Resources.

In each category, the sites are listed alphabetically. If a site fits multiple categories (e.g. offers embroidery *and* cross-stitch patterns), then they are listed under both headings, for easy reference :) If you have a link suggestion, please e-mail me!

Offers of number of short but very informative articles! Of particular interest:

~ "Is X-Stitch 4Me?", which is a great handout to give prospective stitchers;
~ "Timely Gifts", detailing the expected life-cycle of heirloom stitcheries;
~ "Changing Colours", an excellent guide to understanding colour value groups;
~ "Changing Skin Tones", a very useful chart for adjusting ethnicities, and
~ " Grid Paper", one size only, for charting your own patterns!

This online message board offers several useful Stitching Tools, most especially:

The Patterns Directory: This online reference is a handy guide to nearly 300 cross-stitch magazines, books, leaflets and kits with cover images and content information, including all project titles and designers! Very useful for finding older patterns.

Other items of interest include:
~ "Finishing Techniques": for Fabrics and Perforated Paper;
~ "Floss Conversion Charts": from popular kit makers (Bucilla, Design Works Crafts, Dimensions, and Candamar) to floss companies (Anchor, DMC, J. & P. Coats and Sullivans), and between the different floss companies themselves; and
~ "Floss Checklist": customizable formats. with small colour swatches, for 8 brands;

This commercial site from the Netherlands has a number of useful tools (accessed through the middle tab on the bottom of the page) which include:

The Alphabet Generator - Cross Stitch Writing Tool: an innovative online chart-maker that offers a choice of six fonts - four in whole cross-stitches (including two scripts!) and two in backstitch (including one script). The whole stitch alphabets include heart graphics, and all alphabets have a good selection of special characters;

Graph Paper: available in an amazing and useful 13 sizes, from very large to tiny; and

The Stitch Calculator: this 4-in-1 tool offers an online Calculator, Size Converter, Counted Work (Stitch) Calculator and an unusual Circle/Cylinder Calculator!

This online retailer offers some great resources, including:

~ "Cleaning Cross Stitch": covers many unpleasant stains and possible remedies
~ Conversion Charts - Anchor to DMC and DMC to Anchor, numbers only;
~ "Cross Stitch Calculator: one of the most popular stitch calculators online;
~ Free Cross Stitch Kit By Mail: see address on webpage, evidently international;
~ "Learn To Cross Stitch in Five Minutes": a small but cheerful pattern suitable for beginners with detailed but simple instructions, accompanied by a teaching video;
~ "Quarter Stitches/Half Stitches": which shows how they look charted and stitched.

An archive of posts from an embroidered quilt along, meant for beginners. Covers set-up, stitching and finishing. All the free block patterns are still available!

Mary Corbet is the foremost online embroidery expert, and her site has a wealth of information from beginner basics to inspirational heirloom works, including:

Book Reviews: at a glance ratings, linked to in-depth posts with pictures;
How-To Videos: that demonstrate embroidery stitches, grouped by family; and
Tips & Techniques: links to helpful blog posts on all kinds of topics.

A personal blog, where the owner - Sarah - works through a new stitch each post (via pictures and text), as well as occasional articles on techniques and other resources.

A great, simple series covering set-up and stitches from popular author Jenny Hart!

Another wonderful series intended for beginners that covers set-up and stitches, including a great post about choosing colours; also adapted for left-handed stitchers!

NOTE: There are few tutorials or instructions for thread crochet because it is a dying art, and because it seems to be assumed that one will learn with yarn. I did so, by fate rather than design :) Because there are many ways to learn crochet, and the very best is probably in person from a friend, this section focuses only on thread.

This neat blog, written by Ann Reillet, has two interesting tutorials: "How to Filet Crochet" and "Irish Crochet Tutorial for Beginners".

This video discusses the different thread weights commonly available today (30, 20, 10 and 3) and shows the same finished doily for size comparison.

This retailer of fine crochet supplies has put together a list of reprinted images from old crochet books showing thread stitches. Also has a Size Comparison Chart.

This article by Megan Mills covers the basics of blocking fine crochet using water.

The blog of the host from has several interesting tools:

~ Crochet Hook Conversions for "Aluminum and Steel Hooks;
~ "Crochet Pattern Abbreviations", indexed alphabetically; and
~ "How To Crochet", a guide to commonly used vintage stitches!

This blog post at Crochet Nirvana offers a great introduction to the art of fine crochet, a look at modern thread work and some good reasons to maintain the craft!

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