The Eglantine Stitchery Stitch Along (SAL)!

I was very excited to host my first Stitch Along (SAL) in Spring 2013!

As a Thank You to the SAL Participants, the free Spring Garden pattern has now been retired, but I hope to host another SAL in the future!

My Final Finished SAL Bookmark! :)

Originally scheduled to run from May 20th to June 20th, the deadline was extended to July 1st, 2013, with any bookmarks made past that date posted as they came in :)

The SAL Tutorials:

As part of the SAL, I wrote a comprehensive Bookmark Finishing Tutorial along with a short Beaded Ribbon Marker guide. These can easily be adapted for other projects!

I also wrote a quick guide to this easy Specialty Stitch Variation, which could be used as a Rhodes Diamond substitute in any pattern! It's a simple stitch with great texture:

The SAL Pattern:

The free SAL Pattern, Spring Garden, was based on this little square I designed:

There were seven SAL Participants, including myself, and we all started with the same pattern but the finished stitcheries were wonderfully different and unique!

The SAL Participants:
1. Aurelia @ Eglantine Stitchery (me!)
2. CrazyStitcher (CS) @ Crazy Cross-stitcher
3. Karen @ Karen's Colourful Creations
4. Emma @ EveningEmma
5. Jeanne @ Byrd's Nest
6. Erica @ Erica's Stitches
7. Yvonne [photos posted on ES]

All SAL & Post-SAL Blog Posts, from Most Recent to Oldest:

Post-SAL Blog Posts:
September 22nd: ES SAL: Erica's Elegant Finish!;
July 31st: ES SAL: Yvonne's Stitching Finish!;
July 9th: ES SAL: Emma's First Finish (of Two!);

Blog Posts During the SAL Period:
July 1st: ES SAL: Important News + CS's Finish!;
June 30th: ES SAL: 15 Inspiring Tassel Tutorials!;
June 26th: SAL Update: Yvonne's Bookmark Start!;
June 25th: SAL Update: New Stitcher! + Diagrams;
June 23rd: ES SAL: Bookmark Finishing Tutorial!;
June 20th: My SAL Finish (Yay!), Tutorial ASAP!!!;
June 17th: SAL Update & Extension;
June 13th: SAL Update: The Making of a Marker II;
June 7th: SAL Update: My Bookmark WIP;
June 1st: SAL: A Tale of Two Bookmarks;
May 29th: SAL Update, Site News & Giveaways!;
May 25th: Backing Fabric Success!;
May 23rd: Quick SAL Update;
May 21st: SAL Update & Choosing My Colours!;
May 17th: The ES Blackwork Spring Garden SAL!

Spring Garden SAL Finishes!

Please note that these photos belong to each SAL Participant and have been used with their permission! Please do not repost without contacting the owner first :)

Bookmarks that are still being made will be added to this list whenever they come in. In the cases where the pattern was stitched but not finished into a bookmark yet I've added these as "Stitching Finishes" as opposed to "Final Finishes".

1st Stitching Finish: Emma - May 26th, 2013
Variation in Variegated Purples and Yellows

Emma also stitched and Final Finished another version; See the 4th Final Finish!

1st Final Finish: Karen - June 14th, 2013
Original Colourway Adapted to Overdyed Silks with Ribbon Marker

2nd Final Finish: Aurelia (ME!) - June 20th, 2013
Original Colourway with Beaded Ribbon Marker

3rd Final Finish: CrazyStitcher - June 30th, 2013
Original Colourway with Crystal Cording Marker

4th Final Finish: Emma - July 8th, 2013
Original Colourway with Beaded Braided Marker

2nd Stitching Finish: Yvonne - July 31st, 2013
Original Colourway

5th Final Finish: Erica - September 22nd, 2013
Autumnal Adaptation & Variation with Ribbon Marker

I'm incredibly proud of the SAL Participants and their lovely stitching!

Hosting a Stitch Along (SAL) has been a goal for me ever since I started blogging, and the response and support that the Spring Garden SAL received was beyond anything I'd ever expected :) A very BIG "Thank You" to all SAL Participants for taking on the adventure of stitching along with me, and I hope that we can do this again some time!


Karen said...

They all look great! :)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thank so much Karen!!!

Zeb said...

Oh! I missed it! :(
Looks like some very beautiful pieces were stitched :)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

So sorry for the confusion Zeb! Thanks very much for your interest anyway, and the lovely comment :)