Thursday, April 28, 2011

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

In honour of the Royal Wedding tomorrow, I thought I would share this neat little oddity that I first heard about a few weeks ago. Chances are you may have already seen it, but I couldn't resist sharing it just in case you haven't :) Although it's not cross-stitching, most of us know a knitter or two, even if we don't knit ourselves.

Fiona Goble has written a tongue-in-cheek book called Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

It's a pattern book that includes instructions for the whole cast of Royal family members, including the Queen and even her beloved Corgi dogs! There are also assembly instructions for making the balcony that is reputed to be the location of Will and Kate's wedding kiss:

You can also get a better idea of the figures from this neat little video that the publishers made to promote the book (and there are loads of others on Youtube):

The author also keeps a knitting blog, where she chronicles the publicity appearances of her characters and shows reader-submitted photos of completed projects from the book!

There is an article at Macleans magazine that reveals the attention to detail that was put into the designs - all of the characters were scaled to size, and even the military uniforms and medals were replicated with accuracy. Published at the end of March, the sales of the book have already wildy exceeded expectations, and it is now on a third edition! 

According to a review of the book on, (Shala Kerrigan): "After you've learned the basics for making the dolls, at the end is a chapter of alternate clothing, so you can fill out your wedding with guests, maybe even making a mini you to attend the wedding."

Am I right in thinking that this is adorable? Or is it slightly crazy? Who knows!

At any rate, the Royal Wedding is sure to be spectacular! Even if there are no cute knitted Corgis frolicing about in the chapel ;) Congratulations Will and Kate!

(Image from this TechWhiz article that provides detailed information about the event, including links to the download of the official program and links to the Official Youtube Royal Channel, which will be streaming the Royal Wedding live, an historic media first)


CrazyStitcher said...

I remember watching something on (UK) TV about the book quite recently, and have to admit that I was amused. Thank you for including the promo video, which has kept me entertained and caused me to chuckle.

In addition, I also like the image you have added of Wills and Kate. Congratulations to the Happy Couple! x

Karen said...

That's fantastic! I saw the knitted family somewhere else and thought it was really funny. :)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Hi Ladies! Sorry this is so late, but I hope that you both enjoyed the Royal Wedding! I totally loved Kate's dress; I thought it was very elegant :)

CrazyStitcher: You are very welcome, and I'm glad that you got some amusement out of the video :)

Karen: I'm glad you liked it! I knew there was a good chance that it had already made the rounds, but I couldn't resist, especially with all the cute little knit Corgis on their little stumpy knit legs! ;)

Anonymous said...

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