Monday, July 11, 2011

EKSuccess Brands Contest!

This is a quick post to let you know about a contest being hosted by EK Success Brands, the umbrella crafting corporation that includes Dimensions cross-stitch and needlework kits, Martha Stewart Crafts, Jolee's scrapbooking supplies, Jolee's Jewels (which has recently been rebranded as Create Your Style With Swarovski Elements) and Perler Beads, among many others.

Although it's been running since June, I just received information on this contest today, via the multi-brand Newsletter (you can select the brands you wish to follow).

The Craft, Tell, Win! Contest offers two prizes of $250 (US) EKSuccess Brands "online gift cards", and entry is automatic upon completion of a product review. The full rules are in this .PDF document; the important facts are that the contest closes July 31st, 2011, and it is open to anyone in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) who is 18 or over.

Every completed product review submission counts as one entry, and you can enter as often as you wish. All entries must be written in English, and all the required information on the review from (signified by a red asterik - *) must be filled in for a review to be considered as complete, and thus eligible for entry.

Because I was curious, I went to a Dimesions kit and followed the procedure described in the ad; that is, I clicked on "Write A Review", and then created an account (you need to provide a name, e-mail address and password).

This opens up the Review Form, and it is one of the most extensive I've ever seen. You must provide a star rating, a summary, and a review (of 50 words or more). But you can then add pictures or videos of your work, you can link to 'related projects' on the website, and you can submit feedback to customer service about the kit!

The whole point of the contest, I think, is to get crafters on the product sites, filling out the review forms and making recommendations.

It seems that EKSuccess Brands is aiming to create a sort of crafter's social network, with their Spotted Carnary "community" site (Cross-Stitch and Embroidery is hidden under the General Crafts heading, by the way) which serves as the "Gallery" section of the EKSuccess home website where crafters can post pictures and text about projects made using EKSuccess product lines.

And since the Gallery posts link to the products used,the reviews are another level of 'advice from fellow crafters' to consider. It's an interesting idea, and if you're a crafter who uses EKSuccess products (I know a lot of us stitchers use Dimensions!), now is a good time to try out the review feature if you'd like to do so :)

If you do decide to enter,

And feel free to link to your reviews in the comments, since I'd love to see them!

Personally, I'd be a bit careful, because I can't tell if the review content will become EKSuccess property or not, and that's something you may want to consider before posting up pictures or video of your work, but then I'm paranoid like that ;)

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