Thursday, September 22, 2011

ES Giveaway Now Open Worldwide!

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Thank you for all your lovely comments and e-mails regarding my first Christmas giveaway! The interest has far exceeded my expectations already, and a number of comments from readers outside of the Canada-United States-United Kingdom shipping areas has caused me to rethink my Christmas Giveaway destinations.

You see, it was not cost that had made me narrow down the shipping areas, but time. Living in Canada, my mail service is governed by Canada Post,, and they release annual Christmas dates that indicate the very last day you need to mail your parcel in order for it to be received at your destination by December 25th. Some of these dates are remarkably early; the deadline for the United Kingdom, for example, which is very close to the East Coast of Canada geographically, is October 25th!

The Giveaway closes on October 12th, which will pass some of the International Christmas Post Dates here in Canada. The good news is that now, regardless of where you live, if you would like to enter, I am now enabling you to do so! But please keep in mind that you may not receive your parcel on or before December 25th, 2011. A quick summary of the deadlines, and please note that mailing on or before this date does not necessarily guarantee timely delivery as the volume of mail increases exponentially in the pre-Christmas season and can delay posting:

October 12th - Africa, Middle East, New Zealand
October 18th - Asia, Australia, Central and South America
October 25th - Europe (including The United Kingdom), Caribbean
December 8th - USA (The United States of America)
December 12th - Within Canada

Please note that all dates are for Surface Parcel shipping.

The 2011 ES Christmas Giveaway Is Now Open WORLDWIDE!!!

Please Help Spread The Christmas Cheer!


Karen said...

Wow! I've never really paid attention to the delivery dates before. Hard to believe you have to have something in the mail in October to arrive by the end of December!

EveningEmma said...

That's very nice of you! I am happy to be able to be included in your giveaway.
Delivery dates can be terrible. It takes about three days for something to go from the Netherlands to the UK, but over a week for something to go from the UK to the Netherlands. It doesn't make sense!

CrazyStitcher said...

Good grief! Some of those delivery dates really are quite early. If I ever moved to Canada, I think I'd need to enrol on a course that would teach me how to be ultra-organised!

I've just checked the Royal Mail website (UK), and they haven't even got around to updating their information from last year!

One thing I have noticed is that when my friend in the Republic of Ireland sends post to me, it can take up to a week to arrive. However, when I send post to her (by Airmail), she receives it in approximately half the time. x

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thanks very much for your lovely comments and advice ladies :) I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who thinks the whole thing is crazy! November, maybe I could see. But October?! Especially since I'm on the East Coast of Canada - it's literally "across the pond" to mail to the UK, closer than mailing to the West Coast of Canada in fact. *rolls eyes*

CS: You gave me a good laugh :) "Organized" is not a word I'd use to describe Canada Post. "Determined to foist the blame for undelivered and misdelivered mail entirely onto the customers" might be a little bit more accurate :) And heaven forbid you *miss the stupid deadlines*. Argh!