Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick SAL Update!

Just a quick little post to share the links to two exciting Spring Garden SAL updates:

Emma, at Evening Emma, has chosen her colours, and she's stitching with variegated threads in lovely purples, yellows and greens! As I mentioned in my comment on her post, her colourway reminds me of pretty little violas and pansies :) Her fabric is a blue-grey Aida, and it's a wonderful combination. Read all about it here!

And Karen, of Karen's Colourful Creations, has started stitching!!! That reminds me, I need to pick up my *own* needle and thread soon, LOL :) Karen's using a beautiful ivory linen scrap from her stash and some lovely silk threads leftover from kits, and picking her own colours as she stitches! You can read lots more here, see a picture of her bookmark in progress and learn some useful tips for storing oddish stitchy bits!

Also, Erica (of Erica's Stitches) mentioned in an e-mail to me that she's trying to finish up a WIP before thinking about her thread choices, and that's completely fine! 

I should probably make it a little bit clearer here that although I'm going to try and stitch a little bit faster, because I know it's my finishing that's going to drag me down, the idea is to stitch however and whenever you likeSeriously, that's it ;)

The dates are just a goal, something to look forward to with the hope that you'll be able to get your project finished by then, a sort of instant gratification project, LOL!

Whether you want to feverishly stitch and finish over a weekend, or take a few weeks as I intend to do, you can choose the stitching methods that work for you :) 

I know a lot of SALs have dates that you have post a photo of such-and-such by, but since this is supposed to be a nice relaxing SAL, I'll leave it to you to post whenever you like, as much  or as little as you like! It would be really nice to see a photo of the finished bookmark if you can, and it's always interesting to read about the stitchy process, but you can choose what you share, whatever you're comfortable with ;)

A great idea is to do what Karen did, and what I hope to do!:  use some aspect of the SAL as a jumping off point to talk about something else - the way you choose colours, how you store your threads, your thoughts about blackwork, what you think about bookmarks - the sky's the limit! Feel free to integrate your updates into your blog posts - you don't have to write anything special if you don't have the time :)

However, I do GREATLY appreciate the special posts too! Thank you so much to those who have spread the word about the SAL and those who are planning to do so!

In other news, my Great Backing Fabric Hunt has yet to commence. I was really hoping to get out today, but it was threatening to rain all afternoon and finally started at suppertime. Maybe tomorrow will be the day - the third time's the charm, right?! 

If you're just reading about the BW Spring Garden SAL, please click the banner >>> for more information, and feel free to join in! Any questions? Please e-mail me.


Karen said...

It's been raining like crazy here. We're not supposed to see the sun until Tuesday!

Good luck with your search for backing fabric! I'm assuming it's for the bookmark? Or is it for your other embroidery pieces? I think I missed something somewhere lol.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Ack, it's awful that you're having such icky weather! We actually have some sun here today, and yesterday was surprisingly lovely. Hope Mr. Sun makes it over your way soon :)

Re: Fabric - yes, you assume right, LOL! Sorry about the confusion, I starting to think you can read my mind obviously, ha! It is indeed for the bookmark, since the fabric I had that I intended to use wasn't the right colours (I should have checked it before I started, but that would've been *sensible*).

And the good news is I was victorious in my search! I'll post up some photos this afternoon ;)