Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SAL Update: New Stitcher! + Diagrams

Just a quick little note to share some very exciting news - we have a new stitcher in the SAL! A big welcome to Yvonne from the Netherlands, who doesn't yet have a blog but is hoping to start one soon! She will be using the original colourway too :)

Also, thank you all so very much for your enthusiastic response and very kind words about my SAL Tutorial, especially since it wasn't the one you were likely expecting, LOL :) I totally forgot to mention at the start that I had set aside my idea of doing a Tassel Tutorial and a Finishing Tutorial with another bookmark in favour of trying to finish my own SAL bookmark. If I get some time, I'll try to do those soon ;)

Before I go, I quickly drew up some diagrams for the specialty stitches that I missed adding to the pattern packet (oops!), so here they are:

The lozenges in the center of the spacer bars - 

And the accent diamonds, which are just smaller versions of the Center Diamond -

Sorry they look a little blurry here, it's because they're so small! To save, click on the image; a larger version will open in a new window (if you see a little + sign with your cursor, click again for the full size) and then save to your computer.

I'll be sending around the revised pattern to the SAL participants, but just wanted to share since these stitches are easily adaptable to other projects too :) I'm falling in love with the whole Rhodes family and can't wait to try some more variations!

If you're interested in stitching along, there's still time! Just e-mail me to join in!!!


Karen said...

Thanks for these! I hope you do get time to do a tassel tutorial. I vaguely know how to do one, but have never actually tried. :)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

You're very welcome :) I've always been wary of tassels too, and for mine I ended up throwing together a lot of tips I've read over the years and was amazed when it stayed together, LOL! Today was rainy and awful for photos, but I'll be working on it tomorrow ;)