Thursday, June 26, 2014

SFS Month #6 - Some Simple Supplies

From a quick glance at my blog reader, I know almost everyone is wondering where June went, and I'm definitely one of them! The last few months have been really hectic for me, but I'm looking forward to having things settle down soon. A HUGE Thank You for all the lovely response to my last SFS post about Treasure Hunting!!! It's awesome to learn that there are more believers in Stitchy Karma out there ;)

After my great finds last month, my buys this month were focused on what I needed to final-finish an ornament for my other group, the Just Nan SAL (please see sidebar for more info). I bought some backing fabric - a pretty pink cotton - and DMC floss (#3685) to make corded trim for my Spring Variation of JN "Christmas Hearts":

Happily, I also thrifted a nice bonus! Treasury of Needlecraft is an older multi-craft book from 1993, so it's a little dated, especially the Plastic Canvas section. But I fell in love with one of the projects, "Grandma's Lockets" designed by Sam Hawkins:

It's a lovely tumble of flowers - including one of my favourites, pansies! - twined with pink ribbon and two beautiful gold filigreed lockets! I love the strong colours and the whole cross-stitches, which remind me of Berlin Woolwork. To me, it has a timeless heirloom quality, and I like it so much I might make this my next project :)

SFS Spending for June, Month #6

The needlecraft book was $2.99 because it's hardcover. Although the charts are in Black and White and not Colour, they are clear and well laid out so I think the price was worth it! I bought the fabric and floss together at my local fabric shop, so the floss was more expensive than normal, 89 cents each. The pink cotton was $9.99 a meter and I bought a full quarter since I love the colour, so it was $2.49.

Altogether, including taxes, I spent $8.99, leaving $16.67 in the monthly budget for a total of $72.30 in my bank! Although using my stash, rather than not shopping, is my goal, it's still really fun to watch those numbers in the bank go up and up ;)


Karen said...

Another great thrift find! Look forward to seeing the final finish of your Just Nan piece.

I hope you share some progress pics of Grandma's Locket. It's a really sweet design.

Congrats on adding to your stash bank!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment and the SFS encouragement! I know it can get a little tedious reading about SALs when you're not stitching in them, so I really appreciate it :) I'm slowly working on the JN final-finish, and hope to have it up the end of this month. I'm so glad you like the Locket design too - I thought it was really lovely, and it's nice to know I'm not alone in that ;)