Tuesday, May 10, 2016

UT Contest Update: Winners Chosen

Update: Official Winner Announcement @ Urban Threads

Just a quick note to say a HUGE and heart-felt Thank You! for all your support - your votes and kind comments - for my entry in the Hand Embroidery category of the Urban Threads "Craft Is Art" Contest. Your encouragement means the world to me, and although I didn't win, I'm still happy to have been a Top 5 Finalist and have garnered 19% of the popular vote, with an astounding 298 votes! Wowzers!!!

Given that I'm not connected to social media, and that the poll seemed to register only one vote per computer, that means that not only did a lot of my stitchy friends vote for me, but quite a lot of total strangers must have voted for me too.

Although there is only winner for each technique, I came in at third place in my Hand Embroidery category which I think is pretty good for a contest this size, which is by far the largest I've participated in to date.

So I'm going to consider my project the winner of an invisible bronze medal LOL ;)

As I mentioned in my project post, this was the first time I've tried Crayon Tinting the background of my embroidery, and it was so much more fun than I expected.

It's definitely something I'd like to try again, so keep watch for future experiments!

Thanks again to everyone who generously supported my entry, and most especially to my family! My Stitchy Guru Mother and my Groovy Grandparents are awesome and thankfully they appreciate all my creative endeavours, small and large, even when they seem to come out of nowhere like this project did :)

I honestly do believe that Craft is just as good as, if not better than, Art! It's an age-old debate and is a very complex issue that affects the way society and culture view creative projects, but I believe that all pursuits of creativity and imagination are wonderful and worthwhile! Go out and make something new, just for the joy of it :)

Like many of the things I've made, this project was really just a whole series of Happy Mistakes that in the end created something totally unexpected but amazing :)

In all honestly, it's a little different to enter something you've stitched in a contest precisely because it is a competition that invites criticism and comparison in a way that sharing that same project with stitchy friends on your blog does not. It was a bit nerve-wracking, and I almost didn't enter because I knew winning was such a long shot, but I did so much better than I ever anticipated thanks to your support!

Here's a nice quote that applies to both Craft and Art LOL:

Source (Chalkboard Sign)

P.S. In case you didn't know, Urban Threads regularly offers a free pattern, in formats for Machine Embroidery and as a simple outline for Hand Embroidery. 

Currently, the freebie is this cute piece of cake with spirit! Free until May 22nd :)


Lesley said...

Congratulations Aurelia,on being a finalist and having third place..your piece was fantastic and We didlike it best.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations! You did really well. I liked the beads and the little buttons on your's as well as the colours which went well together. I think the best feature about one that won was that the letters were very clear. Maybe people liked that? Or maybe she has a big family! Anyway it was nice for you to be chosen to be a finalist by the judges and fun to see everyone else's work too.