Saturday, February 19, 2011

New DMC Contest!

I just discovered that DMC is holding a designer's challenge!

To enter the competition, you need to design an easter egg using a minimum of two types of DMC threads/floss (all the collections are eligible, including Light Effects) before March 31st, 2011. All patterns must be original and can't have been published before. The stitchery type is open to any technique (including other textile arts besides cross-stitch, such as quilting, knitting, crocheting and tatting) and to any method of finishing (which is wonderfully flexible)! 

According to clarification given in the comments on the original post, this contest is open worldwide, and not limited to the US as I'd initially assumed.

There are three excellent prizes to win, a Grand Prize (consisting of all of the solid colours of DMC (!) and some of the variegated, and the publication of the design on the DMC blog) and two runners-up (variegated floss packs). To enter, you must send in a photo and a description of the materials used and the method of work.

Pretty neat, hey? Any contest with a full chest of DMC as the prize is all right with me!

Full details can be found here on the DMC Blog (February 18th entry).

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that I'm not intending on entering; I just wanted to share the news in case any other stitchers might like to enter. With no geographical restrictions and such a wide-open field of working and finishing methods, I imagine that there will be tons of entries in all areas of craftwork, and it will be interesting to watch as entries get posted up on the DMC blog. Good luck to any stitchers that decide to enter!

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