Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WIP: Twilight Angel

As you can see, I have a *tiny* bit of progress to show you on my angel. The biggest change is the white running along what is, in effect, the 2nd fold in her overskirt. The stitching is bit slower going than usual because I am endeavouring to neaten up the colours underlying the backstitch. For example, sometimes the backstitch will cut through the stitch, but the pattern is showing a whole cross-stitch, leaving half of the stitch on the other side of the backstitch line. This isn't very important in some areas - such as the soft dress and overskirt folds - but I am making an attempt to neaten up the edges and lines that are very clear cut, making the whole stitches into 3/4 stitches as I go along.

It's very subjective, and therefore a bit time consuming, but I believe it will be worth it when it comes time to add the backstitch outlining. There are a few areas around her face, hands and hair where this 'messy outlining' is particularly obvious, and I hope to fix that as I go along. This is very good practice for me, in a way, because 'messy outlines' are usually something I can't stand in the least, so hopefully this will teach me to neaten what I can and tolerate what I cannot change. Or my patience will be improved. Perhaps both :)

Also, my apologies for the light shining through the Aida towards the top right of the photograph. In an effort to more accurately capture the colours, I tried taking the picture in natural light, and while I'm pleased with the outcome, it does look a bit unusual.

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