Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Argh! Blogger Issues. Again.

This is a quick sneaky post before Blogger remembers that it is not allowing me to log on let you know that everything is on hold while Blogger tries to fix its new multi-problem "issue" with user logins and leaving comments. This is a totally new "issue" not related to the previous meltdown, as far as I've been able to find. For more info, see this vague and unhelpful statement from the Known Issues for Blogger blog, and see here for the Blogger Forums log and debate (in which I've posted, because the problems seem to be far-ranging and indiscrimate and manifest in different ways, and no one had described the situation that I'm in right now, and I'm not likely to get a fix that remedies my problems unless The Great Google is aware of the specifics).

This is a really hit-and-miss problem that seems to be affecting more and more users. I found a temporary fix in the Blogger Forums (page 2) that let me in and will hopefully let me post this, but I can't comment on anyone's blog, including answering the lovely comments on my own (thank you!) and I may not be able to log in again for a while, depending on how bad this gets.

Google is trying to roll out a fix, but the ones they've tried so far are not working, and they may have to roll back the system again (*sigh*). And we all know how well that worked the last time *rolls eyes*. So I won't be posting or making changes until I can at least log-in using regular methods, as it's a good bet that there will be some major system changes on the Google end to get the service back up and running.

And if you blog with Blogger, and haven't backed up recently, I'd really advise that you might want to do so very soon. Like now. Just in case.

Here's a link to my recent post about that in case you missed it or need a quick reference. Hope that all is going well with you all :)

Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I'm off to read a good book and calm my temper.


Karen said...

I haven't tried to log into blogger until a few minutes ago and I didn't have any issues then. Hopefully whatever was going on is fixed! Like you, I backed my blog up after the last Blogger fit.

CrazyStitcher said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry to read that you have been experiencing more issues with Blogger.Fingers crossed that it's sorted out soon. x

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thanks very much for your nice comments ladies! Your good wishes are muchly appreciated :)

Karen: I'm really glad to hear that you aren't affected, and I hope that it stays that way for you. The lack of information and this long wait for a fix is very frustrating. I can't imagine how diasterous it must be for people who blog commercially, rather than for pleasure, like we do.

CrazyStitcher: Thanks so much for your concern and your well-wishes :) I really hope that this is sorted out soon as well. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)