Friday, May 20, 2011

WIP: Twilight Angel - Almost Done!

Happy news! I've just finished all the whole cross-stitches and half cross-stitches on my Twilight Angel, and now can move on to the backstitching!

Normally, I would post up the last photo of my progress, but as I had to repost my last entry, it should appear right below this one. So on to the new photos!

The addition of her wings:

The start of the blue cloud:

And the completion of the blue cloud!

And there you have it! Next up is the backstitching, which I think will be very interesting, as it is done in several different colours and with different strand amounts. The blue cloud was a bit of a challenge, actually, because it only uses 1 strand of floss for its mix of whole and half cross-stitches, and it's the first time I've actually cross-stitched using 1 strand. I frequently use it for backstitch, but was surprised by how fragile it seemed when cross-stitching!

It took me a while to get my tension right, as I was afraid to tug too hard, lest I break the thread. But the differences in strand size make the cloud look very hazy and appropriately background-like! And it's funny, since when it's in, the blue I used for the cloud looks just a shade darker than the blue-violet Aida cloth, but it's actually a turquoise! When I first went to put it in, I was very dubious, but using the 1 strand really softens the colour. That's a neat trick I'll try to remember for the future! ;)

I'm greatly looking forward to moving on to the backstitching, because it will add a lot of detail. The feathers on her wings, for example, are all added by backstitch over the mix of white and greys that I've already done. And once I manage all the considerable backstitching, it's on to the sparkles, the wonderful sparkles!

And I realize that I haven't posted updates on anything else in a while, but now that the end (oh, the glimmering, shiny, sparkling end!) is in sight, I just can't put down Twilight Angel! I am happily looking forward to spending some quality stitching time with her during this Victoria Day weekend. Even the forecasted rains, methinks, will not stop me :) I suspect that once I start adding all the lovely shinies in, Mr. Sun will have to come and lend his light, just to see them glitter and gleam! Happy Stitching!


Flossy said...

She looks amazing! Can't wait to see her with the backstitch done :D

Karen said...

Great job! The backstitching sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing it. Enjoy your long weekend! I plan on doing lots of stitching this weekend too! :)

CrazyStitcher said...

She looks absolutely splendid, and so beautiful. Ditto what Flossy said about seeing her with the backstitching done. x

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely and much appreciated comments! I'm sorry that this response is so delayed.

Flossy: Aw! Thank you very much! I'm working on the backstitch now and it's going faster than I expected, which is always nice :) I'll have some more photos to show off soon *wink*

Karen: Thank you kindly! I'm very flattered that you like my stitching, as your own is so gorgeous. I hope you did have some stitchy time on the long weekend.

CrazyStitcher: Wow! Thank you very much! I'm super happy to report that my Angel is very happy with your wonderful compliments :)