Sunday, October 23, 2011

In Which Much Silliness Ensues....

This week has been super-hectic, a rollercoaster ride full of surprises! Thankfully, most turned out to be the good kind. As such, my Stitchy Mojo and I have not fully reconciled, but the good news is that we are working towards a sort of comprimise :)

I have started assembling supplies for a few small Christmas stitchy projects for family gifts and I have actually started working on one of them! I haven't gotten very far yet, mind, but it's something! And I really must admit that it's good to pick up my needle and floss again. I really didn't realize how much I missed stitching!

Anyway, this is all to say that I am making progress, slowly but surely, but it's not progress I can share, since my Stitchy Guru Mother and my Groovy Grandparents have been known to check in on this little site whenever it takes their fancy ;)

So, I got to thinking about the hilarious comments (thanks CS & RD!) I've gotten about my Funky Finishing Fedora, and I started wondering exactly how my hat would look. Which led to consulting The Great Google for a Virtual Hat Maker!

Sadly, the few that are out there are just for customizing logos and colours and styles for existing products. And I just couldn't see gussying up a baseball cap. No, for my Funky Finishing, nothing less than a snazzy Fedora, with a nice snappy brim, will do!

And so, when I got up this morning, full of unreasonably good cheer thanks to the unscheduled (according to the Weather Forecasts, at any rate) appearance of Mr. Sun, I idly scribbled on a piece of scrap paper, and this thing just sort of happened.

You'll have to forgive me, since I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. And everything I try to draw turns out as a very wacky, and more than slightly odd, sort of cartoon. So prepare to squint, tilt your head sideways, and meet my Fedora:

Feel free to laugh! Heartily!! Even out loud if you like!!! That's the point, after all :)

Er. The first photo is my sorry attempt at "staging" the picture. I always see lovely photos around the web with carefully constructed backgrounds with all kinds of pretty props like flowers and vintage fabrics and beautiful glassware. Yeah. This is obviously not one of them! And let me tell you, I have a LOT more appreciation of the time and effort involved in those sorts of shots, because it's hideously difficult to get things to stay the hell where you put them, and so you end up spending ages just trying to keep things in place! I have come to the conclusion that some people must have a talent for it, as I've always secretly suspected, and I'm honestly not surprised in the least to find out that I am not one of those lucky folks. *rolls eyes*

The only other interesting thing of note is the obvious influence of the Australian Cork Hat (some history and instructions for making your own can be found here). While the main purpose of the Cork Hat, besides serving to mark one as an Eccentric Individual, is to keep away flies in the Australian Outback, the floss bobbin "corks" on my Fedora will readily keep my favourite colours at hand, ready to stitch on buttons or make trim with or add a last minute cross-stitch or two!

When I had everything finished, I realized that I'd neglected to add some needles in with the pins, but my excuse there is going to be that I don't usually use needles when finishing (except, of course, I do, but shhhh!). And I'm imagining the hat itself to be a natty burgundy velvet, just so you know ;) I would, of course, wear the actual thing (because I believe there is one, happily existing on another intersecting yet imaginary plane of existence nearby, along with my Stitchy Mojo, overseen by The Stitchy Karma Gods) with a slight sassy tilt, likely to the left. Also, in case you're wondering about the fake flowers at the front, it is my firm opinion that everything in this world is made better by the inclusion of flowers, fake or real or imaginary :)

So there you have it! An approximation of my very own Funky Finishing Fedora! And I say "approximation" because you know they'll be sequins and glitter and all sorts of other shiny pretties on the real thing :) So what would yours look like?!


Rainy Day Crafter said...

Oh wow, Aurelia, your Funky Finishing Fedora is just FABULOUS!!!! And you know what? If I ever saw that in a shop somewhere I'd buy it in a flash!! ;D I totally agree about the flowers by the way, and I love the feathers too, hehe. Okay, that's enough F's in one paragraph, lol ;)

And what do you mean, you're not an artist?!?! Pffffffft! If I could draw even half that well I'd be so happy! It's maaaarvelous!!!

My Funky Finishing Fedora would be as sparkly as it could possibly be, lol, and would be covered in sequins in shades of blue and green so that it would shimmer like the sea whenever I moved!! ;D

Karen said...

Not an artist?? You did a great job! I love your hat with all of the threads dangling around the brim, along with the pins and feathers used as trim. :)

My Finishing Fedora would be decked out with a huge assortment of ribbons all weaved together. There would also be tons of bows, and threads and a ruler stuck out like a feather for good measure. It would have beads tacked on randomly to make it sparkle and maybe a few strung and dangling from the brim. :)

CrazyStitcher said...

What a truly fantastic blog post! A bit of silliness is just what I was in the mood for!

I have to agree with the opinions shared by RD and Karen about your artistic abilities... They really are very good, and your Funky Finishing Fedora looks excellent. The floss bobbin 'corks' are just great.

You know, I think you should get one made, and then wear it to Ladies Day at Ascot, here in the UK! ;-P

My Funky Finishing Fedora would include red (obviously) metallic floss and seed beads, along with other colours that I like. There would also be white and yellow roses. Having seen your Fedora, I would definitely want to include some floss bobbin 'corks'. As for the colour of the fedora itself, I'm undecided. x

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Wow! All your comments have certainly lightened up yet another cloudy grey day :) I'm seriously *blushing*, deeply!, from all the compliments! I'll have to be careful that my head doesn't get too big for my Funky Finishing Fedora, LOL! :)

RD: Aw, thank you muchly! I'm happy to report that my FFF, wherever it may be, is very flattered that you think it's fabulous! I'd actually be *very* interested in finding a store that would sell this sort of thing - I think it would have to be some marvelously kooky place with all the stitchy and crafty marvels we could ever want, all in one place! It's one of my life long dreams to discover a store like that, but then I'd lock myself in and NEVER leave, ROFL! I've always felt that way about libraries too ;)

RE: Your FFF - ooh, PRETTY! I can just see it now, all the shimmering shades of the sea! I am beginning to think that you are secretly a mermaid at heart :)

Karen: Thank you very much for your kind words :) I've actually spent *years* trying to learn to draw "the right way", i.e. realistically, but I've never managed to master it. Perhaps that is not such a bad thing after all ;)

RE: Your FFF - wow, that sounds BEAUTIFUL! I can just see all the woven ribbons and and lovely bows now; all the many different textures from soft velvet to shiny silk, gleaming in the light! :) I think you must secretly be a bluejay at heart, since you so love shiny pretties! ;)

CS: What a coincidence, LOL! We all need some silliness now and again, especially us Eccentric Individuals! :P Methinks I detect a subtle hint to come visit, cleverly disguised :) If I ever make it Across The Pond, we shall definitely have to do the Races, and bedeck ourselves in FFF finery! You've got yourself a deal, madam ;)

RE: Your FFF - how GORGEOUS! I can see the white and yellow roses happily glowing against all your ruby red embellishments! I'd lace everything through with lots of gold, to highlight the gemstone feel ;) For the fabric of your fedora, I think a rich, deep garnet might make a lovely backdrop against the lighter reds :) Or you could go aptly extra whimsical with a deep amethyst purple velvet, to enhance the royalty you secretly are at heart :P

Jenny said...

Wow - you are a true artist! I love it - you did such a great job on design and coloration.
I did giggle about the bit about "carefully staged photos"... yeah - I bet a lot of them are secretly professional photographers by day, 'cuz I sure as heck can't get that artsy background going either, no matter how hard I try.... LOL

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Hi Jenny, and Welcome! Sorry this response is so delayed. Thank you very much for you lovely comment :) I don't know about the artist bit, but I absolutely know what you mean about the photo staging, and truthfully, I'm very happy to learn that I'm not the only one that lacks Super Secret Ninja Staging Skillz too, LOL ;) It makes me feel 110% better!