Monday, October 31, 2011

More Silliness, For Stitchy Friends :)

This is not the post I meant to write today. But, seeing as it's officially Hallowe'en now, I have come bearing some treats instead of tricks for the three special ladies who happened, by chance, to all leave kind comments encouraging the insanity of my own Funky Finishing Fedora, which was the subject of my last post.

And so, I present: *starts flinging colourful confetti around*

Rainy Day Crafter's Funky Finishing Fedora:

RD said: My Funky Finishing Fedora would be as sparkly as it could possibly be, lol, and would be covered in sequins in shades of blue and green so that it would shimmer like the sea whenever I moved!! ;D

So I tried to capture that sort of oceanic feel with the seashells and the charms, and the "sequins" whose shine you will have to imagine, I'm afraid. Also, I have, for many years, imagined that if mermaids were really out stringing pearl necklaces on the sea rocks, that they'd have a helpful oyster or two to hold the pearls-to-be-strung in place. Hence, the Oyster Pearl Holder at the very front of the hat :)

Karen's Funky Finishing Fedora:

Karen said: My Finishing Fedora would be decked out with a huge assortment of ribbons all weaved together. There would also be tons of bows, and threads and a ruler stuck out like a feather for good measure. It would have beads tacked on randomly to make it sparkle and maybe a few strung and dangling from the brim. :)

For the sake of the embellishments, I was forced to tone down the woven ribbon background a little bit. But I know well Karen's love of all things vintage, and that inspired me to add random groups of buttons as well as beads along with the small bows. And this was also the impetus behind the Treasure Chest, the stitchy catch-all along the brim that I imagine would indeed be shaped like a little sea chest, rounded top and all, with a miniature lock at the front. Something precious and pretty to keep all of Karen's favourite flosses and sundry bits and bobs near at hand ;)

CrazyStitcher's Funky Finishing Fedora:

CS said: My Funky Finishing Fedora would include red (obviously) metallic floss and seed beads, along with other colours that I like. There would also be white and yellow roses. Having seen your Fedora, I would definitely want to include some floss bobbin 'corks'. As for the colour of the fedora itself, I'm undecided. x

I joked with CS that her Fedora would have to be be amethyst velvet, suitable for royalty, and I liked the idea so much that I ran with it :) The round embellishments are not meant to be beads but rather polished gemstone cabochons. Those are also inset in the middle of each bead strand "scallop" on the brim trim. The bedraggled butterfly is supposed to be made of the same gemstones, and therefore have a bright translucent stained-glass like look. You'll have to use your imagination there I fear! CS also loves birds, and has a hummingbird on the background of her site. So the little Bluebird of Happiness holding all her floss and tools serves to bring her luck! :)

So there you have it; three very Special Hats for three very Spectacular Ladies! I hope that these are close to what you all had in mind, in spirit, if not actual design! *stops throwing confetti about and curtsies*

I apologize for the dull colours, which are a direct result of the absence of Mr. Sun, and of the dents of erased scribbles that should not have shown up that nevertheless managed to show up where they shouldn't have been! I actually wasn't even going to post the pictures because of that when I saw what the camera had picked up (it must have had something to do with the angle?) but it's all in fun after all :)

Happy Hallowe'en! Be as spooky as you like, but be safe in doing so ;)

Vintage Cartoon Card - Don't You Love Their Expressions?!


Karen said...

Great job Aurelia! You got mine spot on!! LOL

Happy Halloween!! :)

Rainy Day Crafter said...

Oooooh, I LOVE my Funky Finishing Fedora, thank you so much for drawing that and posting it!! :) It seriously is absolutely perfect!! I love the colour and the sequins, and just love all the shells and the whole ocean theme of it! And my absolute favourite part is the oyster pearl holder, how fabulous!! :D

The only problem is that I now have a serious case of The Wanties, lol!

CrazyStitcher said...

Thank you so much for the unexpected Hallowe'en treat!

I LOVE the FFF designs you have designed for me, RD, and Karen. They all look MARVELLOUS! :-D

You know, it hadn't entered my head to think of adding a bow, but I really am taken with the ornate-looking red bow that you have added, and well, EVERYTHING really. x

Aurelia Eglantine said...

A Very Belated Happy Hallowe'en in return! Sorry this reply is so late, but thanks very much for all the wonderful comments ladies :) I'm so very happy that you all like your FFFs!

Karen: Well, thank you very much! :) Though I do think you need some exotic ribbon. And maybe some lace...

RD: Ha! I'd hoped you'd like the Oyster Pearl Holder!!! Every Mermaid at heart, especially Beady ones like yourself, should have a few on hand :) It's funny that you should have The Wanties. Because I seriously do too! Maybe next Hallowe'en we'll all have to have a FFF pact. Make our hats and come up with costumes and take pictures :P There will have to be prizes involved, yes? That is, if the Royal Ascot does not come first, LOL!

CS: Aw, I'm happy you're happy! I'm glad you like the bow, actually. I wanted to do something different, and I made something like that out of real ribbon once for a very extravagantly dressed Christmas gift. Naturally, it was supposed to be your regular cute little bow (like those on Karen's FFF), but I couldn't make anything simple despite much trying (and a more than a little bit of unladylike cursing, I'm not ashamed to say) and so I ended up with that instead. Which grew on me, I have to say. And, of course, I could never manage to make another one like it again! Story of my life, LOL :) At least its memory lives on happily in your FFF ;)